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July 12, 2006

Early July

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Now it looks like a garden. I really have to pull some weeds, but at least everything seems to be growing. My girlfriend is from Nebraska, a place where they grow a lot of corn. She told me of a saying about corn. It should be “knee-high by the 4th of July”.
Looks like I’m on schedule with that. Hope it keeps going and tastes ok at the end of the summer. The carrots look good and the broccoli looks ok, aside from bugs starting to eat the leaves a bit. I think I may have overdone it with the buckwheat a little. It grows like mad. I guess the buckwheat I pull out will be good for the compost heap.


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  1. It looks like you have a really good start on your gardening adventures. I suggest you mulch around your plants to keep weeds down. You really don’t have to pull them unless they poke through the mulch. Mulch will usually smother them if it is nice and thick. It helps keep soil moist and prevents soil borne disease and fungus from splashing up onto your plants when it rains. Mulch will eventually break down and add to the soil, too. Thanks for sharing your blog.

    Comment by Carol — July 14, 2006 @ 6:29 pm

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